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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 14, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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for presidents' day weekend. our studio audience gets socks and you guys got hitched. congratulations. let's cut the cake. where is it? after the show please come over. are you ready? congratulations. >> happy valentine's day. >> someone has to cut.
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♪ >> we just watched vanessa soto and jason brown -- i guess you are now brown and brown, say i do on "fox & friends" on valentine's day and that we have a special surprise for them. >> that's right. >> good morning to you. i'm ed henry. prosecutors this week over their sentencing recommendation for roger stone. >> the doj then publicly overruling those regulations sparking criticism from democrats who allege the president was exerting political influence over the department. the ag saying that's just not true. >> i made a decision that i thought was fair and reasonable in this particular case and wants to tweet occur to come up the que >> i think it's time to stop the tweeting about the department of justice criminal case. to have public statements and
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tweets, and it made it impossible to do my job. >> as shocked as he may have been by the reprimand, the president took to tweeter quoting bar saying "the president has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case" attorney general barr. that does not mean i don't have as president the legal right to do so, i do. but i so far have chosen not to. that tweet surely chose to draw fire on capitol hill where democrats today are turning the heat up on what they say is politicization at the doj calling for resignation in the wake of the four prosecutors. >> the attorney general is facing a full-scale revolt within the department of justice, as a result of the political interference and the overt personal influence, for the political cronies, roger stone. >> ed: and the presidents
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agrees as well telling geraldo geraldo rivera that he thinks they quit on a political bias. >> moral reasons, i think they got caught in the act by me. what am i going to do, sit back and let them in and go to jail for like nine years when murderers are going to jail? >> the white house put out a statement yesterday saying the president was not bothered by his comments but this is the first time we seen any daylight between the two. we will hear more if there is a gaggle when the president departs from marit lago. we checked the weather and it looks like it's going to be clear. >> ed: we appreciate you kicking us off. more on this robert ray joining us, former federal prosecutor and former independent white house white-water council. good morning. i know you have some strong thoughts, how do you see it? >> with regard to sentencing
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since someone's liberty is at stake, it's important for the governor of the united states to speak with one voice. that's all the attorney general was saying. and parenthetically i will say, the president has the absolute right to step into this. for what it's worth, i have been to a grade of the sentencing recommendation was too severe. so the president's right, the attorney general is right and for what it's worth i agree with them. all the attorney general is saying is, on the moment where there is a pending proceeding before a judge at a sensitive time which is right in advance of sentencing, public respect for the integrity of the department of justice and its functioning before the court system. >> we supported his policy but, i don't think this is a really big deal but the break on the system in regard to this, and
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that judge will make a determination as to the appropriate sentence. >> last night on special report, here's mitch mcconnell. >> met the president made a great choice when he picked bill barr to be the attorney general and i think the president should listen to his advice. >> the attorney general says it it's getting in the way of him doing his job, maybe the president should listen to the attorney general. >> sandra: do you think in the short term he will heed this advice? >> the president has had nothing to say with regard to the sentencing issue. it's time to just back off and let the judicial process work. it's in the hands of the court and the judge who will fashion an appropriate sentence. >> sandra: we are in uncharted territory when it comes to a social media president that uses social media in this capacity.
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>> all presidents have had issues with regard to the operation of the criminal justice process. all of us within the entirety of our lifetime going all the way back to president kennedy. okay, this is different because the president has no fear which is why he got elected to speak his mind when he sees an injustice or unfairness. and again, i go back to where i started. he happens to be right, but the point that the attorney general was making is that independence by the justice department is appropriate and important for the public to come to respect the integrity of the justice department's operations. sandra: fair to say that it's common sense that bill barr was highlighting that. >> ed: that's why the president chose him. >> meanwhile for "the washington post," this is the u.s. district judge statement, and this is careful consideration the
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applicable sentencing guidelin guidelines, and i would say you disagree with the initial sentencing. >> it's important for the judiciary to weigh in here, and they have in this extraordinary moment to say this is why we have a third marriage of government. we are independent of the executive branch and we take the submissions. it >> sandra: what did you make of the initial criticism that they were actually pressuring the justice department. in the president's seconded that. if the police and he did what he
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thought was right. >> sandra: the first thing that you said when you set down her robert, the sentencing is very sensitive situation. >> it is, because someone's liberty is at stake. i think the defendant through his counsel was indicating a recommendation of maybe a year or two. roger stone is going to jail in all likelihood which is a serious event and a serious moment and that's why it's a sensitive and that's why the attorney general weighed in as he did. happy valentine's day. >> sandra: thank you. back to you. >> ed: over 650 6500 coronavirus cases around the world. they involve that quarantine cruise ship that is docked off
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the coast of japan. follow it all for us as benjamin hall and his live in london with the global reaction. >> good morning. finally some good news for all those people on board to come up that cruise ship, the diamond princess. among them over 400 americans. they have been quarantined for 11 days and that is at the end of a 14 day cruise. now finally a few dozen of the older passengers are going to be in allowed to disembark. in china however the virus is still spreading. over 5,000 new cases and 121 new deaths in the past 24 hours alone and that's on the back of yesterday's huge spike of 15,000 new cases. china also disclosing as you pointed out that on friday over 1700 medical workers have contracted the virus and six of them have died. the u.s. is also concerned about north korea. although those i in the north ad since it has no cases, south korea confirms there has
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been deaths in the country. the fear is that it could decimate the hermit kingdom. the state apartment has said it will not stand in the way of aid going to north korea to fight the virus. still we are getting criticism coming out of china's response. one chinese doctor writing a very rare, critical letter of the government saying they failed to sound a public warning even though scientists were aware of human to human transmission adding that 5 million people were allowed despite consistent warnings from chinese scientists. what we have seen china do today is, with the health commission and try to ease the nerves of the national community. it's not spreading like wildfire, 99% of the cases are in china but the u.s. is taking no chances. the cdc making sure it has all eventualities in case saying they are preparing for it to take a foothill there mike foothold there and it's likely to spread. >> benjamin hall, we appreciate
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that update. we will talk later this hour to a man who is evacuated from china. his 3-year-old daughter has been put into a san diego hospital to make sure she's okay and his own father in law hasn't passed this. >> sandra: we got so many questions about this, so the world is watching that story as it develops. meanwhile the search for that missing south carolina girl came to a tragic and after the 6-year-old's body is found near her home. but there are new questions this morning after another body is found nearby. >> ed: plus, caught on camera. two crew members trapped after a fiery train derailment. what force the cars off the tracks. >> sandra: and joe biden trying to convince big donors to stick with him after back-to-back losses in iowa and new hampshire. who stands to benefit from his poor performance in those early contests? >> what your message to the
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donors tonight? >> we got a window. >> where their concerns because you lost iowa and do new hampshire? >> none. only that it's the first two and only makes up about 2% of the vote. (announcer) carvana's had a lot of firsts.
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>> ed: a very sad end to a search for a 6-year-old north carolina carolina girl. the body of the faye marie swetlik was found yesterday not far from her home outside of columbia.
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she was last seen yesterday playing in her front yard. >> it is with the extremely heavy hearts that we are announcing that we found the body, that the corner has identified faye swetlik. we are now treating this case as a homicide. >> ed: the body of a man was also found near her remains. police did not say whether the two deaths were connected but they say tha they believe the community is in no danger. >> sandra: what a week at has been, joe biden trying to reassure supporters after a disappointing finishes in iowa and new hampshire. a 13 minute with supporters wednesday and biden said this. confident we can win south carolina. i think we will in nevada but it is a caucus which is a little bit different, he warned. let's bring in fox news contributor guy benson. >> i think joe biden is putting
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the best possible spin that he can on what is a very difficult situation for his campaign. some people are declaring it dead and i think that's premature, but life supports sounds more like it. there is a plausible path for him to still hang on and win in south carolina. it's possible he could win big in south carolina. i think if he has another terrible finish in nevada that will be harder again and people are noticing. it's not like south carolina is an island that doesn't get news for the rest of the country. if he's tanking and people notice they start looking for other options. part of the reason that team biden is still keeping his chin up and trying to convince donors, this could be a long fight and we are still in it, we are looking at some of the new polling that's starting to emerge from places like florida and texas and some of the southern states. if joe biden is still close to the top and all of those polls and it's all about delegates. the bottom hasn't completely fallen out and a lot of those places and therefore he lives to fight another day.
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>> sandra: speaking of those looking at options, bring in mike bloomberg in texas essentially apologizing for those past controversial comments that have resurfaced. here's mike bloomberg. >> i defended it looking back for too long because i didn't understand then the unintended pain that it was causing two young black and brown families and their kids. i heard their pain, their confusion in their anger. i've learned from them and i've grown from them. i know i can't change history but what i can do is learn from my mistakes and use those lessons to do right by black and brown communities. >> sandra: there's been a lot of chatter and speculation over who is sticking up past controversial comments that are forcing him to respond to it, especially at that rally in texas. but karl rove essentially says that joe biden stands to benefit from all that controversy. here's karl rove on hannity. >> i don't know where that came from but i know one of the beneficiaries as joe biden who hopes that he keeps the way.
6:19 am
>> sandra: do you see at the same way? >> i made a similar comment earlier in the week on "outnumbered" when i was hashtag one lucky guy. you can't necessarily pin it on his campaign but the timing would seem to align and made some sense. here's a problem for mike bloomberg. he spent a huge amount of money and his carpet bombing the airwaves and all of these states where other candidates are really playing it all and he's going around having these lavishly funded events. that's fine, he's rising the pole but once he becomes a real-life candidate who has to interact with lots of voters but also fellow candidates and journalists when there isn't debate going on, i think some of these precanned answers are going to be a little bit more challenging from him. also sandra, you played the clip, he's talking about stop and frisk and his defenses, and
6:20 am
today if i'm not mistaken, it's mike bloomberg's 78th birthday. already mayor of new york city, and this was a long time ago. i'm just not sure that flies. >> very interesting analysis here. bernie sanders i believe that the rich lowry in "the new york times." our headline there is wrong. he's basically highlighting a headline that was in "the new york times" earlier this week after new hampshire so
6:21 am
just wrap this week and all that we have seen politically for 2020. >> bernie sanders is a front runner in the race. he may be a tap in the front runner and may not last but it's hard to argue that he is not the number one story. he is good and caucuses because that requires on the ground organizing is a very dedicated base, but who knows if he continues to search. i just saw a poll out of texas that has him at the talk of the heap. bernie sanders is not going anywhere, he has a longevity and the money and the resources and dedicated hard-core support to fight this thing for months and months. >> sandra: remember that press conference yesterday, we are calm, cool and collected. that's the wrap of another week.
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: extending new images from a fiery train derailment in kentucky. flames can be seen coming from to derailed cars. workers escaped and were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. investigators say the derailment was caused by a rock slide over the tracks. >> ed: iranian military commanders today saying that iran will strike the u.s. and israel if they make the slightest error. that came during a ceremony marking 40 days since the
6:26 am
killing of iran's top general qassem soleimani in a u.s. drone strike. here to address all of this, walid phares. how serious should we take this? iran reacted initially to the killing with firing off some rockets that had -- that just sort of caused limited damage. >> the 40th day as a symbolic date in the region for tradition. these radical forces authorize themselves in front of their public to now say, we are serious about retaliation. second, they threaten to hit also israel with the united states. that's what they say usually, and the recalculation is what would be the reaction of the
6:27 am
united states specifically, our deployment in the region, if they take action in the next -- in the near future. that's what would determine. >> ed: if they move forward with some other provocative action, it seems to me that you think this is more space-saving by the iranian regime. >> it is basically to make sure they have a domestic mobilization off the supporters of the regime at a very critical time where there aren't a lot of demonstrations and protests. so it's really a strategic munication for themselves, for their own people in their own base. not just in iran but hezbollah and lebanon and elsewhere. >> ed: if you talk about the possible to have up her provocative action from iran. interesting context because "the new york times" has this piece today documenting behind the scenes over the last few months and they say how months of miscalculation let the u.s. and iran to the brink of war. the trump administration they say escalated pressure on iran to try to negotiate over nuclear
6:28 am
aims but instead iran fought back with violent attacks at critical points. each country misjudged the other but as you know, critics have said again and again particularly after the killing, that that was the brink of war to iran and that hasn't materialized. >> i think the iranian regime is smarter than some of the analysis made by the mic on its behalf. the iranian regime is cold-blooded when it comes to the chess game, they are experts in that. they don't want to risk the regime and, even if it escalated in some points and some areas, the sanctions and deployments we were having in the region, that doesn't mean that the iranians worst responding overnight by lobbing missiles against the united states. what's happening right now is the iran rate elite is calculating, how long do we expect to stay in this equation. maybe the real view is what's
6:29 am
happening inside the united states and the ability of the administration's response within our position that is very strong to any kind of a war or violence. >> ed: the republican legislation move to restrict to wage war against iran. how worried are you that this may tie the commander in chief's hands? >> but if it was about restraining in general, the presidents, but by naming iran, it sending as a strategic communication sending a message to the iranians that there is a force, that would restrain the administration from conducting operations in that's negative in my view. >> ed: important insight this
6:30 am
morning. walid phares, thank you. >> sandra: one family hit hard by the coronavirus break quarantine at a california military base after he being evacuated from china. now members of that family anxiously awaiting test results for their 3-year-old daughter after she developed a cough. they both join us live come straight ahead. >> ed: plus a judge temporarily blocking a multimillion dollar deal between the pentagon and microsoft. what amazon did to stop it. sthat is next. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> ed: 3-year-old annabelle was in in the hospital undergoing coronavirus testing for the second time since being evacuated from china. she and her dad originally and tested negative for that disease after landing at miramar base where they were quarantined. joining me life as her father, frank was in ski. and as you can see annabelle as they are looking adorable. frank, thank you for being here this morning. frank, this is ed henry. your daughter is adorable. how is she feeling? and what are the doctors telling you right now? >> she's going to be fine. the doctor say so far, you know they did test x-rays and other tests, oxygen level tests, and they all came back normal. so we are just waiting for the cdc to come back with the test results from the virus.
6:35 am
>> ed: so she's there because she had a cough. what are you hearing about how long these results, how long will it take. >> last time it was three days and today is the third day so hopefully they will get back to us. >> ed: hopefully you will be getting some good news on that. i know your family has been going through a lot. i know you went to visit your visit your father-in-law in china and he unfortunately passed away. talk about the circumstances. >> i lived in china for about 16 years and about ten of those years was in wuhan. my wife is from wuhan. then we moved across the border from hong kong for work. her family still lives in wuhan. so her mother had passed away
6:36 am
about three months prior, so she and my daughter had gone up to take care of my father-in-law for a while and i went to wuhan as well. i went up a little early, and i got there and they were shutting the city down. >> ed: we are certainly sorry for your family's loss, it seems like your daughter is in good spirits. is there anything she wants to say? >> anything you want to say, annabelle? do you want to sing a song? she likes her stickers. >> ed: i can see that she enjoys stickers. final point on this because there are a lot of people watching who have been concerned as we've reported the statistics. what are doctors telling you about the spread of this virus? and what people should be doing
6:37 am
to make sure they don't get it? >> i'm not a doctor but as far as i know, it is very easy to catch. it spreads very easily. overall though the mortality rate is low. the point of danger is the people like my father-in-law, he had a heart condition. so just washing your hands. >> ed: we appreciate you coming on this morning with your adorable daughter. we will let you go back to being a dad. >> i wanted to take a moment, i had set up a gofundme page and it's close now but i would like to thank everyone who donated to
6:38 am
it. that took a lot of pressure off of me. >> ed: i'm glad you have all those people to support you. it sounds like annabelle is doing well and we certainly hope you will get some good news from the doctors. please tell annabelle that we appreciate her coming on as well. >> day bye-bye. >> no. >> ed: a beautiful family. >> sandra: a big win for amazon, a judge temporarily blocking the pentagon from moving forward with microsoft on the billion-dollar cloud computing deal known as jedi. amazon lost the contract because of its feud with ceo jeff bezos. dan springer has that story for us. >> court is backing up the claim that they interfered with the government process. amazon used trump tweets and a pentagon tell-all book.
6:39 am
here's one example last january, the president tweeted, so sorry to hear the news about jeff bozo being taken down by a competitor is reporting is far more accurate than the reporting and his lobbyist newspaper the amazon "washington post." they are putting all that it computing capability in the cloud. amazon web services seem to have the inside track but last fall and microsoft was announced as the winner. lawyers pulled an excerpt by james mattis and guy snodgrass wrote, in the summer of 2018 trump called and directed him to screw amazon by locking them out of a chance to bid for the $10 million a network in the contract known as jedi. he's complained that amazon has hurts small businesses.
6:40 am
and coverage he gets from the newspaper. now if perhaps it's payback time as amazon is seeking to depose president trump. >> the amazon team made a profoundly compelling case to the judge. and i'm sure that has been unleashed by jeff bezos to do whatever is it legally appropriate and ethically permissible to win this case. >> of the department of defense that we are disappointed in today's ruling i believe the action taken in this litigation have unnecessarily delayed implementing the d.o.t. jay limitations and we are confident in our cloud contract to microsoft and focused on getting this critical capability into the hands of our war fighters as quickly and efficiently as possible. sandra? all right, dan springer from
6:41 am
seattle this morning. >> ed: i have to tell you, the houston astros say they are sorry sort of for stealing signs during the teams championship run. they apologize sort of yesterday from spring training in florida. >> i'm very sorry about the choices that were made by my team, the organization and me. >> the whole organization and the team feels bad about what happened in 2017. we especially feel remorse for the impact and the game of baseball. >> ed: they been fined for this and find that manager and general manager. they got so much grief on social media yesterday, they stole it from us in 2017 and i
6:42 am
think you know what, i'm so angry about it, i'm going to do something happy which is -- we've done a lot of serious stories. i got you a little gift for valentine's day valentine's day. >> sandra: and my opening right now? >> this is fun. our viewers probably know by now, you talk about baseball a lot because you love -- so alex bregman said we are sorry but then they never said we won because of this. this impacted games. and then after jussie smollett
6:43 am
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>> i think the evidence before was incredibly compelling and i haven't seen a specific of the indictment, meaning reading it, but the evidence was evident so it's not a surprise to me. the special prosecutor reach the same conclusion as the grand jury previously reached. >> sandra: that was chicago mayor lori lightfoot weighing in on jussie smollett, the actor facing six counts of disorderly conduct for falsely reporting a hate crime. good morning to you and thanks for being here. first, what were -- what is your reaction to these brand-new charges? >> well certainly that our
6:47 am
detectives did an outstanding job putting the case together and that was one of the reasons that the grand jury came back with the true bill. we had asked for a special prosecutor early on when we had found out that there was ex parte communications between the states attorney and his attorneys. we have great questions, and he had also been a special prosecutor for kim fox. so when we were taking a look at this and we said something's not right. so we were glad that former judge decided to file suit and ask for the special prosecutor, that certainly was something we had asked for already. but it also shows you that our detectives did an outstanding job of putting this together. when you go in front of an independent grand jury and they come back with a true bill. >> sandra: the brother of the attorney is also speaking out.
6:48 am
>> the level of ownership that they take and this is scott knowing that they went ahead and trusted him to say, hey we are just going to do this little playacting here and i'm going to pay you for it and that's the end of it. so they own up to the fact that they agreed to it. >> the brothers were cooperative with the police. they have videotape, lots of evidence and also a check that was written from jussie smollett to those brothers and i believe that will play a factor in the case. i have to say once again the patrol officers, the detectives, they all did an outstanding job. >> sandra: i know the city was sued with the amount of resources tied up in this investigation in excess of
6:49 am
$100,000. the judge ruled that the cook county states attorney mishandled the case. she then recused herself from the investigation and handed it over to the states attorney first assistant. she's not responding and saying the level of cooperation that will take place on their part. at >> we are continuing to avail ourselves, and that is ongoing. >> sandra: final thoughts kevin as we have you here to react to this all morning? >> we have an election going on for a new prosecutor and we have certainly called for a new prosecutor here in cook county. we have endorsed somebody other than joe fox and we certainly hope that that office changes. unfortunately they are letting criminals out on low bonds and no bonds and it's a mess. we are trying to reduce the crime rate.
6:50 am
there was a report that came out yesterday in the "chicago tribune" about the lack of bail that has been done and in our court system and certainly the crime rate has gone up because of that. >> sandra: we have chatted with you a lot throughout that entire process. >> we will stay on that. in the meantime a tech company facing some serious backlash over its facial recognition software. what a class action sought, is revealing about the act. plus the most influential union sting out of the 2020 race whatsoever. they will not endorse any of the candidates ahead of next week's caucuses. who helps and who it hurts, coming up. >> we are going to endorse our goals and what we are doing, that's what we are going to endorse. than some other 5g networks. and it's rolling out in cities across the country
6:51 am
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>> ed: a class action lawsuit has not been filed against the facial recognition company claiming it illegally takes people's information without their consent. bryan llenas has more on this story that could affect a lot of you watching right now. good morning. >> clearview ai is a facial recognition optics designed for law enforcement which can identify anyone with just a single photo. the app is 96% accurate so we put it to the test. we ran my photo in the search engine and instantly, 103 results showed up. all photos of me with links all over the internet including in the background of someone else's photo. we then covered half of my face and it still recognized me. we even took a photo of my producer from a distance and it found him. founder one contact claim some 600 law enforcement agencies are
6:55 am
already using the app. at the chicago police department confirms that signed up for a two-year trial. the manufacturer claims that that technology is helping and thousands of cases identifying shoplifters, murderers and. >> we believe what we are doing is in the public interest. there have been cases where we've helped identify children who have been victims of child sex trafficking. >> they claim to have a database of 3 billion internet photos taken from various websites and like google and the largest social media is like facebook who have all sent cease and desist letters to shut down the app claiming that sweeping people's information violates the terms of service. privacy i think has comic advocates agree. >> there could be concerns about stalkers or people who are survivors of domestic violence or people who want a certain amount of privacy and didn't
6:56 am
load that information themselv themselves. he promises the app won't be made available to the public. they are committed to abiding by the law. >> sandra: attorney general bill barr say president trump's tweets make it impossible for him to do his job. our a-team will take that one up next. plus, bernie sanders, and our headliner dr. bill bennett weighs in on that just ahead. a brand-new hour, coming up. >> we are taking on billionaires and candidates funded by billionaires. pods puts you in control
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>> ed: breaking right now a homicide investigation underway in south carolina. police find the body of a missing 6-year-old girl, faye swetlik, yesterday. that discovery happened in the same neighborhood where she vanished monday. the body of an unidentified man was found nearby as well. >> it makes you scared being in the neighborhood. i've got locks on doors and alarms on the whole nine yards but you don't know who's out there it's a concern because you don't know who it is. >> ed: police are treating the girl's death as a homicide. >> sandra: also breaking news on the coronavirus. the director of the cdc is now warning that a disease could remain in the u.s. population
7:01 am
beyond of this year and it's far from being under control at this time. china has no reporting us sharp spike in deaths and affection. there are now at least 60,000 cases confirmed worldwide and more than 1300 deaths, mostly in china. china is currently working on a vaccine. >> whenever there's an entirely new health challenge, and they've been disturbing them and that's a problem. >> sandra: meanwhile americans are among the people quarantined on a cruise ship in japan. we are watching that. >> ed: what yes we are. but first the roger stone drama rages on. attorney general william barr criticizing president trump's tweeting saying it's making it
7:02 am
"impossible" to do my job. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom." i met henry. >> sandra: and i'm sandra smith. america's top law enforcement officer throwing some shade at the president. >> i have a problem with some of the tweets. i'm happy to say that in fact the president has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case. however, to have public statements and tweets made about the department, about people in the department or men and women here, cases pending in the department, and about people who we have cases, it makes it impossible for me to do my job. >> sandra: a lot of reaction to that. juan williams is here. charlie her to come opinion editor at "the washington times" in fox news contributor and
7:03 am
kristen sanderson, ceo of echelon polling. so how did you see that message from bill barr, charlie? >> i think it's a perfect example of why the president picked bill barr to be attorney general. it shows a presidents competence and wisdom to pick somebody who was willing to stand up to him and have a disagreement with him and i think what he said was perfectly reasonable. i think both sides respect one another and we will move forward from here. you listen to all the democrats with all this meddling and what i would say is a political prosecutor from roger stone, but what's missing here is, bill barr and his prosecutors met before hand, and they said they should argue for lower sentences. then the prosecutors, these are unelected career prosecutors inside of the doj who come out
7:04 am
and say they want to mak make a political statement saying we will go way higher. why are people upset about that? those people have never been elected to anything. bill barr and president trump are in the line of some kind of elective position. >> i think there are a couple of things. one is there is news this morning about to come up to the white house know or did bill barr know he was going to make that statement, but they didn't know he was going to make the statement. and they had for career prosecutors who quit so it's not a matter of just a misunderstanding between the justice department and one prosecutor misunderstanding about sentencing guidelines and the sentencing guidelines, so this is not excessive. the president says the entire
7:05 am
prosecution of roger stone was political and i disagree but i think i'm quoting him there. so that's declaring independence from the president, and he use the word shade. is he throwing shade at the president or in fact is this intended by the administration to show that in the midst of this controversy that justice department is independent, and reassure people. oh, no. bill barr is not a student. >> ed: the original sentence was unfair when you are hearing, they might go to jail for four or five years. >> i think bill barr has it right, the president ought not to eat and frankly setting aside the legal and judicial piece of this, just from a political can engage in standpoint, i think it's troublesome for the
7:06 am
president to do so. i can't help but contrast this with the ad that ran during the super bowl about alice johnson, a woman who committed a nonviolent crime and the president who used his power to do a good thing. to commute her sentence and grant her clemency and now she walks free. contrast that with tweeting about some of his friends in a sentence he thinks is unfair, i think the president ought to be doing more of the former. >> is a point about communications, you should have told the truth. but the point being, we heard about all these other cases involving heinous crimes where people go to jail for less time. the president could have argued, is using his first amendment right on twitter or anywhere else to say this guy is getting the raw deal. >> the president has the right to pardon someone if he wants and that could have been the smarter move, using my legitimate power as president to do this rather than to tweet and then cast a cloud over the justice department.
7:07 am
>> i think this president is doing things differently than previous presidents. and the other thing is the fact that they are having this dispute out in the open, that's transparency and i love it. as a newspaper person, my entire adult life, if the administration is going to have a fight, please have it on the front porch. i also think it's very entertaining. >> so we will have political interference. that would pardon his body mike buddy, to serve the president?
7:08 am
>> we pardon his body, the only reason he was prosecuted is because he got involved in a political campaign. but going back to your point about political interference in a case, would you rather have political interference from somebody who got elected, or political interference from a rogue officials inside the department of justice who launched a spying operation against the political campaign which was the political opponent of the sitting president. that's far more alarming to me. i don't want there to be political interference in these criminal prosecutions, but my goodness. >> sandra: nobody saying there is. we get the white house in here, the wasn't bothered by the comments at all and he was offering his opinions adding he has full faith and confidence in ag bill barr to uphold the law. the president also tweeting this morning, quoting the president
7:09 am
has never asked me to do anything in a criminal case but, this doesn't mean that i do not have as president, he writes, the legal right to do so. i do. but ice have so far chose not to. let's leave it there for a second, 2020. here's joe biden on the path ahead. >> we are moving to it and especially important phase because up until now we haven't heard from them most committee constituents and the other party, the african-american community. and the the fastest growing segment of society, the latino community. i want you to all think of a number. 99.9%. that's the percentage of african-american voters who have not yet had a chance to vote in america. one more number. 99.8, that's the percent of latino voters who haven't had a chance to vote. so when you hear all these
7:10 am
pundits and experts, cable tv talkers talked about the race, tell them, it ain't over man, we are just getting started. >> sandra: is the major headline, the democratic parties, the candidates aren't doing enough to court the a black community. >> that's always been the case, so i think they are putting pressure. and it's a transaction, it's a form for any community when they are asking for the vote. but i think there are two things to be said here. most latino voters haven't vot voted, and the voters in that primary be latino. you will get a different result than when you look at iowa or new hampshire where the voters
7:11 am
were 90 plus percent white. >> is absolutely correct that nevada and nevada look very different. but that's not enough just to magically make joe biden win. biden just hasn't been there as much. letting some of them like frankly tom steyer who was second-place in the latest poll in south carolina rise up the ranks. >> it might have been better for biden to skip that and be camped out in south carolina for the last few weeks. your thoughts? >> a time that politicians in both parties try to divide voters by race, gender and creed or whatever. it's a good time right now for us to just begin -- have your political message tailored to everybody and do it the way you should do it. instead of this constant divisiveness, and i think this is the most disturbing and the
7:12 am
most damaging to the country. >> thank you. our a-team this morning. >> all right. now the bethesda comic to bethesda maryland. she is the children there today. she's going to be participating as you can see in various arts and crafts as some of the young patients that are there are visiting with the caretakers and families. this is the third year that she has done this, and what a wonderful way to celebrate that. >> in the meantime, the senate limiting the president's authority to take military action against iran. óñk/ó÷gg nobody likes a tight squeeze.
7:13 am
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7:16 am
>> at this time, no arrests have been made. you need to know this is a fluid investigation and we are working diligently on it. we also need to inform you that during the course of our investigation, a deceased male was located in the churchill heights neighborhood.
7:17 am
that investigation has just begun. >> sandra: investigators are treating the death of that 6-year-old girl a homicide. police discovered the body of faye swetlik yesterday in her own south carolina neighborhood where she vanished just this past monday. >> so many people had been waiting for a better end of the story and this is certainly what we had not been hoping for. >> ed: the twist is, the body of a man was found as well. >> sandra: i'm surprised they said that they don't think there's any danger it to anyone in the community. the fact that two dead bodies have been found certainly would have me concerned about a potential danger especially since no arrests have been made and they said it's a homicide investigation. it leads me to believe investigators have information
7:18 am
and evidence they haven't yet related to the public which makes them feel as though they have control over the situation and then i on whoever it is. >> someone that they are watching, and we are not even clear if these two deaths are related. the way that investigators spoke, it seems like they don't think so. but i do believe that they believe that there isn't a threat to the general public in that neighborhood. you know, there's a lot of evidence still sort of being sorted out. they have towed two cars from the family home, they've looked into the family home. they also have the body which, in many cases that we talk about, they don't have the body. the body gives them a lot of evidence. >> the mother and the mother's boyfriend, and her father, police have all set are cooperating to the investigation. there is no evidence of a kidnapping and investigators say they haven't ruled out abduction or other possibilities. so many scenarios they have to look at. >> we have surveillance video of when she left her school bus around 2:50 p.m. and she was messing around 5:30 p.m. but i would expect there might be other surveillance out there as
7:19 am
well. i think investigators are compiling all this evidence and probably have a good idea that they are not yet letting the public know. i would imagine that by monday we will hear a little bit more about what's going on here and maybe even some arrests. the one we see that video on the school bus of when she was last seen on video, but then she was seen playing in the front yard of the home so anyone in her custody at that time, will be talk to. >> and it's a short period of time. oftentimes kids are missing a lot longer before they are reported missing. the family looked for her for about an hour and immediately called authorities. so it's a quick timeline which is helpful to investigators because there is a short period of places to look for evidence. she was there. she came off the bus and was somewhere in that vicinity so there's a lot of focus here. >> you talk about the evidence that she they must have gathered over that 72 our research. 250 police officers and multiple agencies weren't involved and they canvassed the neighborhood, and they were able to retrieve hours and hours of surveillance
7:20 am
video. so many people now have the doorbell video monitors and there's a lot of evidence to look at here. >> you guys covered it earlier, the story about facial recognition. cameras are everywhere and people take videos everywhere. police can use all of the information. they way they shut down that neighborhood and the fact they were not letting anyone in, they are identifying cars, you saw on the screen, karzai came into the neighborhood that they couldn't identify. that this is all very good information for the media. >> ed: that's horrifying. heather hansen, thank you. now to this alert, senator bernie sanders is rising in the polls and it's raising alarm bells among some moderate democrats. could a sanders nomination help republicans regain control of the house? >> sandra: plus, a powerful union staying on the sidelines, refusing to endorse anyone for the states upcoming democratic caucus. so how will that shape the race?
7:21 am
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7:25 am
>> ed: it right now a quick look at another top story we are keeping an eye on. actresses like laurie locklin and other parents charge say they won't be ready for trial
7:26 am
until next year. prosecutors wanted to get started in october but the defense has the complexity of the case including millions of documents make that on possible. in the next status hearing is scheduled for later this month. meanwhile, military action against iran. now the war powers resolution goes to the house, or it is expected to pass. but a veto is likely if it reaches the president's desk. >> ed: and a single kansas man offering $25,000 to anyone who can help find his soul mate. 47-year-old jeff gephardt setting up a website seeking referrals, good luck jeff. >> sandra: while he made it into the national news. i wonder when you collect the money. when they get married?
7:27 am
>> ed: that's a good question. there is this app called plenty of fish, and apparently this couple met there and they came on "fox & friends" this morning and got married. so we will have to see if we can help them out. 25g's for you. >> sandra: happy valentine's day. >> it's on to nevada, it's on to south carolina, it's on to win the democratic nomination, and together, i have no doubt. i have no doubt i will defeat donald trump. >> sandra: bernie sanders writing a wave where moderate democrats fear he will hurt their chances in november. hey mike. >> good morning to you. joe cunningham, "south carolinians don't want
7:28 am
socialism. we want to know how you are going to get things done and how you are going to pay for them. bernie's proposal to raise taxes on everyone is not something the low country wants and not something i would ever support. others are expressing concern. anthony brindisi of new york telling the syracuse paper, he won't support sanders or elizabeth warren. sanders as an nominee would be an electoral disaster and dean phillips of minnesota said he has serious doubts that sanders or warren could be president trump in midwestern swing states. >> i remind you of how it was when the republicans had their primary and this is -- we are calm, cool and collected. we have faith in the american people. >> bernie sanders is well known
7:29 am
on the senate side of the capital, and democrats in the senate are hoping to regain majority in november. but, one former presidential candidates that sanders is a tough sell in case states. >> i think it could be challenging and parts of the country where we have to win in order to win the presidency. i think that we should be running on an agenda to get us 55 votes in the senate. >> other democrats we have spoken to her hoping to get a surge. >> ed: for more on this let's bring in our headliner dr. bill bennett. former secretary of education, and host of wise guys on fox nation. i like to call him the big kona. thanks for your wishes. >> it seems like big trouble for
7:30 am
bernie sanders. but -- >> bernie is out there and leading the pack. i just saw a poll from texas that has bernie leading in texas, the great state of texas. so we will see what happens in south carolina and nevada. the point i would like to make is, they need to really be worried about the whole field. talking about the so-called moderate lane, dig deep into pete buttigieg. amy klobuchar is left. may be more left than people would think. this is a party that has gone to the left. all the work of the universities in the last few years to which you know that democrats have been paying close attention to all those professors. this is a a shock of recognition, they have become a left-wing party. >> sandra: would add bernie sanders nomination make way for another term for
7:31 am
president trump? dr. bennett? >> i think so. and it's possible to be the case with the other candidates as well. you remember that debate early on where they said how many of you would support government benefits for illegals, and i think everybody raised their hands eventually on that stage. that's just not something that's going to fly in america. so bernie is the most obvious substantiation of this and he is at one end of the spectrum. the others i think are not too far away. even joe biden who is lavishly fading totes to the left and moves to the left on various issues, though he will now declare himself moderate compared to bernie. but moderate compared to bernie can still be pretty left. >> it's funny, rich lowry has column in the moderate post. it's already a global trend and the democratic party could soon be taking over by a leftist who never had formally been a member
7:32 am
of that party even if he signed a pledge. that has beset the center left throughout the western world. you made an important point a moment ago that many of the media shorthand this and say amy klobuchar and pete buttigieg are in the so-called moderate lane when in fact buttigieg said if i win i will be the most progressive president ever. it's just that sanders is so far left the others look moderate. >> and he's giving them cover. bernie is so obviously explicitly left he's giving them cover. if they do, and i hope they do. and they are into fossil fuels and their priorities are very much like the priorities of bernie sanders. >> sandra: finally, i know you
7:33 am
just talked about his slowing down in this race, the poor turnout in new hampshire for the former vice president, do you see any possibility of a comeback for him? is talking about south carolina and nevada. i saw him playing minor league ball about ten years later and i thought, just go into your sunset, into your career quiet quietly. i just hate to see this with joe. i know joe joe is a on my confirmation committee and i don't think that's fair. look at those unions out there, this would have been a layup for joe biden, but now they are not going with anybody. that tells us how bad he is off he is in the eyes of folks, even his traditional constituency. can i say a word about bill ba
7:34 am
bill barr? >> ed: go for it. >> good friend and i admir admim very much. i got to tell you, last night the excerpt, it makes it impossible for me to do my job, could have caught my breath, don't say the next things. president needs bill barr. but it turns out to be fine and the we white house supports him. the president needs strong men around him and he's a strong personality and he needs strong personalities. but what will the democrats do about bill barr? they are ready to impeach him. for a moment, he said wait a minute, he's attacking trump. maybe we are on his side. so let's calm, cool and collected all the time. >> ed: it seems like people are not mentioning it to the part of the interview which is beyond the tweet. bill barr had said he independently came to the position that roger stone sentence was unfair. talk about the significance of
7:35 am
that. >> i mean he's his own man. anyone who knows bill barr knows that. he made that decision and he's not going to be dislodged from it. so i'm delighted to see as one of your guests leave earlier, i'm glad to have this conversation public. these two strong men bucking a little bit at each other and i also saw a third strongman mitch mcconnell who said i think three times on bret baier's show, while the president appointed a great attorney general and bill barr and now he should listen to them. now he should listen to them. now he should listen to them. you know, mcconnell has not been amused by all these tweets, a lot of us like all the sweets but in a case like this it was very important for bill barr to say that he had already made up his mind and best for the president to stay out of this conversation when it comes to a criminal -- >> sandra: he didn't waste any time taking the back of bill barr on that one. we wanted to ask you about the
7:36 am
news that nevada's powerful culinary workers union has decided and announced that they will not endorse any individual candidate in the presidential primary ahead of the february 22nd caucuses. they said they just want to focus on the party in general, on democrats turning out the vote to vote president trump out of office. is there union secretary-treasurer. >> we are fighting to protect our families. we are going to work really hard to defeat president trump. >> sandra: major political force in nevada politics, how did you see that announcement? >> yeah, we respect every single one but we are going to pick one out. in an earlier day this would have been joe biden's for the picking. i can't decide whether it's good news or bad news for bernie sanders but it's bad news in the sense that he's having an
7:37 am
argument with them because this union loves its benefits. loves its medical care and they don't want bernie's public option. but it may be good news and that they didn't endorse anyone else, so we will see. boy, it is interesting. >> ed: the final point on that, is that a potential problem for bernie sanders that you would expect on the hard left, he talks about workers rights all the time. but to your point the medicare for all government run health care is seen as not being as good as a lot of cadillac plans that the unions have? >> the unions love these cadillac plans, particularly the one they have out there in the culinary union. but this is about socialism which we should be teaching in the classrooms, it doesn't like freedom very much. that we all have to bend to the will of the state which is exactly what's being played out there. when you have the public option
7:38 am
and it's the only option, it's a public requirement. say goodbye to your good private health plan and here it is in concrete. >> sandra: dr. bill bennett, we appreciate you coming on, thank you. >> ed: have a good weekend. >> thank you very much, happy valentines. >> sandra: meanwhile, bundle up. an arctic blast now gripping much of the nation, bringing the coldest weather so far this winter. the bone chilling temperatures, get your jacket ready, coming up. >> ed: plus the feds cracking down on telemarketers who could be getting their hands on the personal medicare information of seniors. will they cut back on fraud? and guess what, the moneyman is here. a special valentine's day addition.
7:39 am
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7:43 am
bracing for an arctic blast. the coldest temperatures of the season set to hit the 50 states. winchell alerts all the way from montana to massachusetts, major winter storm ringing bullet blizzard conditions in some areas could see up to 6 inches of snow. >> sandra: get ready for it. and get ready for this, fox news alert. let's look at the markets, sharply unchanged, did you hear me? investors take out the last session of the week. charles payne is here, a host of making money on espn. it's been a record-breaking historic week for the markets. >> if it stays like this that we will be up for the week as well and we are going up to a three day weekend for the market. his is always general anxiety on a three day weekend but then with the ever-changing data from china and the uncertainty with that, it's kind of impressive that we are only down three points at the moment. but i will tell you some individual names, and, it's roku
7:44 am
which is a that came in better than anticipated. so the market is taking something of a breather right now. people are watching the story about the feds tracking ar how private medicare info gets to marketers. >> i think it's important for everyone, this is particular for senior citizens who are being targeted. a system was designed so that you could electronically for pharmacies to verify medicare coverage. all the folks getting into the system and taking information, they are taking advantage of folks. and these are things that we are doing over the internet and over the web. in these phone calls, i've gotten all kinds of weird phone
7:45 am
calls. can you verify your social security number? you know, those kind of things. i'm like, you called me. can you verify it? [laughter] but the point is -- you don't want to call charles on one of these, he will call you out. >> i will say, let me speak to your supervisor. then they change their voice. one second, this is body. no, it's scary stuff. particularly when it comes to medicine and a senior citizen. some say i have your medicare file here, we will need a credit card because of something. and the government is stepping into try to prevent them but it's unfortunate that it's happening. >> sandra: bottom line, never, ever reveal personal information over the phone, you can do pretty much everything online in the secured environment these days. >> we say it over and over again. >> sandra: there are exceptions and i understand that. charles payne, the money trail. south carolina super tuesday, what are you seeing and who has
7:46 am
a most impressive amount of green dollars headed into all this? >> i think biden has -- i'm sorry, bernie, i think he has the most wind in his sails by far and he's picking up the money and all that kind of momentum. bloomberg doesn't need the money but when it comes to the rest of these candidates, listen. people come. wall street is really grappling with where to put their money. >> ed: but joe biden was raising money from wall street people and that feeds into the line. >> it wasn't from what i understand well received. it's a scary time for joe biden and he's clinging to a thread for sure.
7:47 am
he's got a lot of silicon valley money, and if you are on wall street right now it's hard to go against president trump. you really have to be super-duper wealthy and say i'm willing to let this whole thing derailed because of my liberal feelings rather than what's best for my business. most people vote for my business. >> i am flat-footed today. >> you both mentioned this bill person, who is that? >> you might bump into him occasionally. >> sandra: we had a saying because of the stock market, that went back to some old trading day stuff. >> he was always incredible, inquisitive. he will be here at 3:00 p.m. eastern and be here right before the markets close.
7:48 am
>> yes he well. thanks charles. and happy valentines. >> gentlemen, start your engines. the daytona 500 revving up this weekend with a special guest kicking off the big event. >> sandra: can't wait. president trump making history at the speedway. that will be happening on sund sunday. jared mack when we come back.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
>> president trump becoming a history this weekend has president trump becomes a grand marshal of the indy 500. kicking off with that of most
7:53 am
famous words and all of our auto racing. gentlemen start your engines. he decided to borrow one of charles payne's jackets because he's always got one of these allow jackets. lots of people interested in the races the 62nd version of the great american race. when you look at the folks who will be attending the race, and we've already seen in the race and field and field, rvs and campers whic with make america t again. what's interesting is you see him being the first grand marshal president of this race, we've had four presidents before him gone to daytona. president george w. bush back in 2004 is the last to attend the daytona 500. four presidents all republicans who have gone to daytona during
7:54 am
reelection years, ronald reagan in 1984 and george herbert walker bush, and by the way, it's ladies and gentlemen these days. >> will have to talk to our producers about that. they put me in an awkward position. >> ladies and gentlemen, start your engines but not your drones. they are securing the nascar race by providing a 30-mile no drone zone. enjoy the race, it's important to say that because that's been a thing. >> and it's cool because you see images of air force one flying in or out of daytona, is such a special site. president trump, we can expect to see something like that come sunday afternoon. congressman michael watts had wd gotten the invite to join him in, this is a great american event and a great american race. it kicks off on fox sunday
7:55 am
afternoon. >> sandra: at 2:30 eastern time, jared mack, thank you. >> happy valentine's day. >> sandra: happy valentine's day to you. >> ed: let me clarify, ladies and gentlemen start your engines. >> sandra: bill barr says the tweets make it impossible for him to do his job, so how is the white house responding? brand-new reaction this morning. chris wallace will be here with his reaction. and no out of pocket expenses. and we've extended our call center hours so that every veteran can take advantage of these near record low rates. my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c.
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7:59 am
>> ed: a fox news alert, the white house as president trump is not bothered at all. bill barr is saying he will not be bullied by anyone including the president. i met henry. >> sandra: all of this coming after the justice department criticized prosecutors for recommending stone's spend up to nine years in prison. the recommendation was amended and then those prosecutors then resigned. the move also sparking outrage from democrats. and there are some of the tweets that have public statements and tweets made about the department and about the people in the department, and our men and women here about cases pending
8:00 am
in the department and about judges before whom we have cases make it impossible for me to do my job. >> sandra: at the white house correspondent john roberts with fresh reaction from the white house this morning. hey, john. >> sandra, good morning to you. this all dropped like a bomb yesterday afternoon, the interview took place about 1:00 in the afternoon in the white house knew soon after that that context and content of what it was that bill barr said. it took a number of hours for them to get the statement out and the press secretary finally saying just after 6:00 the president wasn't bothered by the comments at all. and he has the right like any other american citizen to publicly offer his opinions. they fight for the american people against injustices in his country including the fake news. the president has a full faith and confidence in attorney general barr to do his job and uphold the law. lots of speculation today whether president trump knew
8:01 am
what he was going to say. fox news was told that the president knew that he would do the interview and knew that it was likely stone controversy would come up but we are told that the president did not know exactly what attorney general barr was going to say, particularly in terms of the president's tweeting. this morning the dash where last night rather, the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said the president would be wise to listen to his attorney general. >> i think the president ought to listen to the attorney general who is an outstanding law enforcement officer. the president made a wide white selection. nz graham the senator from south carolina saying, attorney general barr has my complete confidence but just in case there was any doubt as to who is really running the show here, that does not mean that i
8:02 am
do not have as president the legal right to do so. i do but i have so far chose not to. so the way this is all playing out, attorney general barr was facing a revolt at the department of justice over changing the guidelines in the stone sentencing from 7-9 years recommended to something less than that. the attorney general seems to have taken the focus away from that. in doing so, attorney general barr made a lot of headlines and maybe just a a few too many for one person's particular liking. so we will see how this all plays out. >> sandra: worth noting. today would be william barr is one year anniversary of the department of justice. >> ed: let's bring in
8:03 am
chris wallace. chris, good morning. >> good morning to you. it is not just valentine's day but the one-year anniversary for bill barr at the justice department. happy anniversary. >> i didn't realize he had been confirmed and taken his oath on valentine's day. it's interesting because there was a lot of low back when the first of all you got the 7-9 your recommendation from the career prosecutor and the president tweeted his outrage at that, and then the very next morning, the justice department announced that they attorney general would drop any recommendation and barr says he decided to do this before the tweet and was kind of put in that position. do i go ahead with what i think is the right thing, but if i do that than people will think i am caving to the president. so he was taking out a position here and i heard the same thing
8:04 am
that john roberts just reported. and particularly when we were talking about justice department. so, he was protecting himself, and also some blowback from capitol hill from republicans as well as democrats and the question will be whether the president understands what barr will do or whether he's going to be ticked off as john said by all the headlines, they were saying today that barr fired back on the from the president. >> ed: he had independently decided to push back on the sentencing guideline before the president ever tweeted it, but it seems like bill barr is saying, he sort of boxed in by the tweets because then it looks like pressure o on the outside,
8:05 am
number one. number two does the federal judge ignore the advice or does it box the judging? everyone will say it's pressure from the president. >> while he said i can't do my job this way, it's impossible for me to do the job when i have this running commentary of tweets and about the judges who are hearing those cases. it has complicated matters and i'm not sure if i were roger stone i would be particularly happy about this. amy berman jackson, i don't think she will do a tough sentence just to he's independent but on the other hand, i'm not sure i would want to be facing her. and with my freedom at stake, with all of this at play. we will see whether or not the president responds to barr, or whether or not he will stop
8:06 am
tweeting or making controversial tweets. but i don't think that's about to change. >> ed: last question, does it even set up a bigger conflict on the road now that barr has set out the standard, you are making my job impossible if you tweet on any criminal cases. if bill barr doesn't push back or step down, he's going to be it in an impossible position. >> it's a good point. bill barr has thrown a brush back at the present or a warning saying you can't keep doing this, and where the president to do it again, i don't know that he will but were he to do it again i would put the attorney general who was pretty supportive and pretty loyal to the president, it's a very difficult situation. >> ed: let's shift over to 2020, something his team feels
8:07 am
pretty good about, and one front runner in some trouble and "time" magazine puts it this way. joe biden says it's not time to panic but his campaign is in trouble. if biden can turn things around in nevada and south carolina, the campaign is telling donors he can still emerge as a consensus candidate capable of stopping this interest rate. there's only one problem. electability is a sermon that he has been preaching and subtle language since the start. if his survival in the race depends upon south carolina's pulpits, he may need to find some fiery scripture. your thoughts on that? >> that's a good point. it was all about electability. and wisconsin in pennsylvania the key swing states. it was nothing about message or nothing about his program for
8:08 am
the future and, when you lose and you finish fourth in iowa and fifth in new hampshire, the electability argument is kind of out the window. it seems to me that beyond just saying, i am the who can take on the president most effectively, and that i think is now in doubt for a lot of voters, he's got to have a message about, here's how i can improve your lives. >> you will have kellyanne conway on this sunday. lots to talk about, but of course in terms of 2020, as i noted the trump campaign feels pretty good about the money the president has in the bank. the chaos coming out of iowa and now some confusion about where the democratic party is headed. >> and one thing i would ask
8:09 am
about kellyanne conway, the war of words, and those who support him don't go after bloomberg because you are the president so all you do bite talking and is elevating him. republicans, yes, who think bloomberg is the toughest guy you could fake. one because he's got an even bigger campaign work just than you do and number two because he's a relative moderate. there are some comments coming out but they are conservative comments or even potentially explosive on the right in terms of stop and frisk and redlining. very hard to paint billionaire michael bloomberg is a socialist so there is a lot of questions inside of the republican party. do you really want to elevate michael bloomberg, because he could be a tough candidate in the fall. >> ed: chris wallace, are you good on valentine's day? >> i'm good.
8:10 am
i actually got a card and i'm taking her out to dinner, but thank you for asking. >> ed: i didn't want to blow any surprises. have a wonderful weekend. >> sandra: while his campaign is reeling after iowa and new hampshire and now we are getting worried that joe biden is beefing up staff and some key early states. >> ed: and right around the corner, the nightmare of iowa right behind them, the democrats fearing another messy caucus night next week. >> i had 4 inches of snow on my head and i continued on into many blizzards, and now i'm here with all of you. i'm very excited to be back in nevada. [ sigh ] not gonna happen.
8:11 am
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>> ed: at the race for the democratic nomination's shifts to nevada where early voting kicks off tomorrow. jonathan hunt is on the ground in las vegas with the preview. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning, eddie. former mayor mike bloomberg isn't on the ballot here in nevada but his surgeon national polling means he is getting a lot of attention both from his opponent and of course from president trump's attack on twitter. they are firing back at the president. listen here. >> president trump is an existential threat to our company and our values. he is a disgrace until the oval office and it's up to all of us here to remove him from office this november. on every important issue he does the same thing, why, blame others and do nothing.
8:16 am
he's all talk talk and no acti action. >> bloomberg's democratic nomination opponents that do not like the way that bloomberg is playing the nomination game, avoiding the early states and pouring millions of dollars into tv ads and states that will vote on super tuesday. listen here to senator elizabeth warren. >> michael bloomberg came in on the billionaire plan. just by yourself nomination. >> senator bernie sanders remains the front runner here in nevada and he's doing what he can to court the very possibly decisive union vote. here is senator sanders. >> as somebody who has probably the strongest lifetime pro union, pro-worker voting record
8:17 am
in the united states congress, the need to grow the trade union movement is a very high irt. if we are going to have decent wages -- wages go up for our workers, and we need workers who have the opportunity to come into unions. >> pete buttigieg has seized on the split between sanders and the powerful culinary union over health care and also seized on claims that sanders supporters have been harassing union leaders online. here is mayor pete. >> i was especially upset to see that you need leadership was being attacked for standing up for their workers. i trust americans to make that choice and this is just one example of an issue where we have this, my way or the highway politics.
8:18 am
>> early voting begins tomorrow and the caucus itself is next saturday. between those two dates would get a democratic debate here and a visit from president trump. what happens in vegas certainly isn't going to stay in vegas over the next eight days. >> ed: no doubt about it. some democrats are getting a little antsy about next week's vote, they had in new york's magazine reading, here we go again. the fear spread of iowa style chaos. good morning to you and great to have yo you here this morning megan. let me pick your brain a little bit about what you are hearing on the ground of their in this new york magazine article. they warned that there has been no hands-on training with ipads being deployed to caucus sites on election day, nor an opportunity to try out a new tool that will be loaded onto
8:19 am
ipads. it can we see a repeat of this in iowa? >> that something of volunteers and campaigns on the ground here are thinking about. yesterday we got details from the they will look at that tool, and what they look like now and that will be on party purchase ipads and access through browser. i think volunteers i'm talking to are happy that they finally have details and are getting some training but i think tensions are high given that we are only one day out from early voting. we will be watching all of that.
8:20 am
they just want to focus their time on the party. and beating donald trump, here is the treasurer for that union making her case. >> we are not going to endorse a candidate. a political candidate. who is going to endorse our goals and what we are doing? that's what we are going to endorse. we are going to respect every single political candidate right now. we know they are great people. learning about every single candidate. that union has a powerful political voice on the ground. what was a take away of the lack of endorsing anyone candidate? >> the general gain here is that it was a blow. they even mentioned joe biden has been a friend to the union and he was actually the only
8:21 am
candidate they had mentioned by name and their nonendorsement announcement yesterday. so for other modern candidates that don't back medicare for all plans, and they run a union health trust, and we don't see medicare for all going into effect. for them the focus is about educating the members and in a position for medicare for all, who supports it and who wants a public option and that's the primary focus going into the caucus. >> sandra: meanwhile if i could ask with the focus is on joe biden, with the spokesperson for his campaign saying, and nevada has the first opportunity for that to happen. the strategic and most effective use of the team is the talent in these two states that reflect the base of democratic parties
8:22 am
and joe biden's strengths. we hear that as we now know that that biden campaign is deploying dozens of staffers to both nevada and south carolina, bringing the total on the ground that they are in nevada to 130. >> that's right. that will actually make joe biden's campaign the second largest on the ground. bernie sanders has about 250 plus staffers on the ground. at mayor pete buttigieg has about 100 staffers on the ground so he is clearly investing all of his resources and pulling those away from super tuesdays and into nevada. the question i think will be is it too little, too late, and looking at his support among voters of color. polls have shown us that he does do well with voters of color and sodas bernie sanders and we are waiting to see how those voters feel and how joe biden is still the candidate for them. >> all great information there. we appreciate it. >> ed: meanwhile, nascar's biggest race just got one more
8:23 am
big fan. president trump expected to attend sunday's daytona 500 in florida. he will be the first president to do so since president george w. bush in 2004 and you can watch the 62nd annual daytona 500 this sunday on your local fox nation. >> sandra: so a clarification. last hour we were talking about this and you said to said, gentlemen start your engines and i said, secret service is saying it's ladies and gentlemen. we got in so many twitter messages that say, it's just, and start your engines! >> ed: i thought it was drivers, start your engines. so when you jumped on me, i wasn't really wrong. >> sandra: i think we are all a bit giddy after this week of travel. but to be clear, we have so many fans out there of the daytona 500. >> ed: the key is to watch at this sunday. the president will have a very friendly crowd there. >> sandra: 2:30 p.m. sunday. meanwhile the coronavirus is having an impact worldwide and
8:24 am
the death toll is rising. there are doubts now about how china is actually high, handling all of this, live report coming up. >> ed: and bernie sanders striking fear among democrats as moderates believe his nomination could be losing the house. we will get reaction from andy biggs, a key g.o.p. leader, he's next. >> we are taking on the establishment, that's no secret to anybody. but at the end of the day, the grassroots movement that we are putting together of young people and working people, people of color, want real change. when i needed to jumpstart sales. build attendance for an event. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage, and got them back on track. get started at
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>> sandra: the deadly coronavirus now infecting 1700 medical workers in china. six have died raising new concerns about the way jana is handling this. benjamin hall is trafficking the academic and the global response to it live in london this morning. hi, benjamin. >> what we seen from china is an attempt to calm the national community, after those 15,000 new cases which we heard of yesterday, they have been holding saying that it's not spreading like wildfire outside but it is still increasing and drastically. there were 5,000 new cases today and 121 new deaths in the past 24 hours. now, that takes it up to 60,000 cases worldwide to come up more than 1300 deaths. the chinese government is now reportedly enforcing wartime control measures in some cities.
8:30 am
earlier today the world of the head world health organization says he now expects a full team of w.h.o. experts to touch down in china the weekend. for some time they had not accepted outside help but the u.s. health expert will be part of that team and they will be there to try to understand the transmission, severity and ongoing issues of the virus. one chinese doctor writing a very critical letter saying the government has failed to sound the public warning, even though scientists that broke out were aware of human to human transmission. and finally some good news for the people in that diamond princess cruise ship that we've been following. they've been quarantined for 11 days and among them over 500 americans. a few dozen of the older passengers who do not have the virus are finally being allowed to disembark.
8:31 am
many more could follow. the cdc coming out earlier and saying it's more likely this virus will remain in the u.s. population at least until next year and they do not have full control over yet. scientists are working on a vaccine but that also won't be ready until next year at the earliest. >> sandra: just keeps getting bigger. at benjamin hall, thank you. >> ed: meanwhile bernie sanders success prompted concern that nominating a democratic socialist could hurt them. joining me now, andy biggs. he of course as a member of the judiciary committee and chair of the influential house freedom caucus. we had nancy pelosi, we took her news conference live yesterday and she said, what, me? worry? not worried about bernie sanders. do you believe her? >> i don't know that i believe her. you have these districts that were narrowly lost by president trump, or some of them
8:32 am
narrowly lost by republicans in congress and now you're going to put up a democratic socialist that will either suppress the vote or switch people to vote for trump and maybe switch people to vote for the republican candidate. >> ed: it was interesting because we had dr. bill bennett on the program last hour and here's what he said about the dilemma and the democratic party. >> they are worried about bernie but they need to be worried about the whole field. they are talking about the so-called moderate lena. dig deep into pete buttigieg, that's not a moderate. amy klobuchar is left. center left may be about more left than she would have people think from the last few. >> ed: you hear people in the media calling pete buttigieg a moderate because sanders is so far left. >> that self wild but when i talk to some of my democrat friends who are in congress that are more moderate than this, they will tell you that everybody they have up there is frightening to them because it is a group of people that are
8:33 am
far left. it just so happens that bernie sanders is the furthest left. but these other people, they are not centered. they are not running down the middle and they are not the ones that are saying let's work across the aisle and get to see if we can get things done for the american people. they will move to take a socialist route and that really ought to make them afraid of. i think some of them are, even if nancy pelosi is saying she's not. >> ed: i can tell you are enjoying watching it from the other side of the aisle and democrats a battle it out maybe a little bit. but joe biden not enjoying this so much. he's trying to say he's coming back, but they will make way for michael bloomberg because some democrats think that bloomberg would pose a bigger election year to the candidate. i know you and others have said we are not too worried about bloomberg but when the president is out there tweeting so much, is he concerned about the money that bloomberg is pouring into
8:34 am
the race? >> i haven't seen any indication of real heartburn on the part of the president and i think that the problem for mr. bloomberg includes everything from the appearance that he is trying to buy the election to the appearance of their racist videos that serviced. he's got some real baggage that goes there, with the fact that also how new york performed under his leadership. he will get beat like a pinata as well so it's just a matter of who is willing to go up there. that i can't believe the democrats are going to let him by the election but they don't want burning, either. so we will see how that plays out. >> ed: let's shift gears and talk about william barr, the attorney general. here's democrat richard blumenthal talking about william barr and it will let you respond. >> with the attorney general could have said to satisfy me is that he was resigning. i called for his resignation.
8:35 am
i think that he is part of a pattern of political interference in the department of justice that is absolutely intolerable. and he offered no justification for this unprecedented action. >> ed: now factually he and other democrats are leaving out that they did actually leave out in that same interview that he came to this judgment independently before the president's tweet just to be clear on the facts here, that he, the attorney general, felt like this was too harsh of a sentence for roger stone. once the president did get involved, and now william barr as chris wallace noted earlier had to sort of brush the white house back a little bit, where do things stand now? >> i think the relationship between mr. barr and the president is really good. so that's important to know, and people need to remember that bill barr is an independent thinker and actor and he's done a great job running the doj, everything from the sanctuary
8:36 am
city issue, i think these things are important to remember. but also, you know what gets people really agitated? i think in the rest of the country outside of washington, d.c., it's when you remember back to bill clinton lying to congress. what did he get? he got his bar license revoked. roger stone is getting a life sentence. you have brennan and clapper, all these people not getting prosecuted. it looks like disparate treatment and i think his rationale which came before, as he said, it is justified. the fact that it dovetails with the president, i'm not sure with the big issue is. >> ed: it you are right about the disparity, it's raised questions about people trying to look at this fairly. but on the other hand, they push back on the idea when you said a
8:37 am
moment ago that william barr in the president have a great relationship. when you have william barr saying the president is making it impossible to do my job, doesn't sound like a great relationship. >> i think there personal relationship is a great and they both understand the role of the ag on the role of the president but i don't think it's impossible. that may have been a hyperbole because the reality is mr. barr is doing a good job and he is actually prosecuting cases and he's leading the department of justice in a way that i'm pleased to see. but i think he's doing a good job. i don't think it's impossible, i think he's out there laying on the line. >> ed: r8, the name jeff sessions left unnamed but in the meantime, andy biggs, you might have also been talking at variance about eric holder and other attorney generals. we appreciate you coming in. >> sandra: fox news alert now coming into our newsroom. word of a truce between the united states and the taliban.
8:38 am
one that could eventually lead to a u.s. troop withdrawal from afghanistan. jennifer griffin >> we've been anticipating this tuesday that they were on the verge of an agreement that could lead to a reduction in violence, that period of seven days, a test. for the television. it's an agreement that has been hammered out by the secretary of state's envoy, and the taliban. now we know from a senior administration official who is in munich, and the secretary of state, both of them had just met with the president of afghanistan and we now understand that there has been an agreement and that both sides, all three sides have agreed to a seven day reduction in violence and at the end of the seven day reduction in
8:39 am
violence if it holds, and that's a big "if," then ten days later there would be negotiations between the afghan government and the taliban about the way ahead in afghanistan. if all of that goes as planned then you would see a significant reduction in the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan. we have been hearing in recent days that general scott miller, the head of u.s. forces in afghanistan was willing to reduce by about 4,000, but what is significant and what is different about this set of peace talks between the taliban and the u.s. envoy is that the afghan government is agreeing to be part of talks with the taliban. remember, the last time when the former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan that come up with the deal, the afghan government had complained that they had been feeling left out and they were worried that the u.s. was cutting a deal behind their
8:40 am
backs for the taliban. now you have buy-in from president ashraf ghani and there are many stages to this, many hurdles, but this is a significant announcement today that there has been an agreement by the afghan government for this trial period of seven days which could then be followed by negotiations with the taliban and an eventual reduction of forces, u.s. forces in afghanistan. >> sandra: we are just learning all these details now and the progress that has been made. first, the seven-day period of reduction obviously has yet to begin. are we getting any color on timeline or when that might actually begin? we are looking back at some of mark esper's reasons leading up to this saying they were very close, very close. in the pentagon she did follow-up by saying that as the process would go forward, jennifer, there would be continuous evaluation of any violence, to your point about whether or not it would hold.
8:41 am
>> it's very interesting because you are not hearing them call this a cease-fire completely. it's a reduction in violence. well whose definition is a reduction in violence? what will they allow for if there is one suicide attack? there are many players in afghanistan that won't necessarily buy into this agreement. they are not in control of the taliban. taliban does not control all the players. my first question would be what does pakistan say and what does the high county network, what are they saying? are they buying into this? another outlier is iran. we have are the secretary of state talk about how iran has increasingly been involved as a player in afghanistan trying to disrupt things. is iran on board about this? so this is a very good indication, it's a good first step. president trump has signed off on this we are told. again, we had indications
8:42 am
starting on tuesday that this agreement was about to be announced but there are many bad actors who can still try to disrupt of these efforts. but it's the best chance that we had in a long time in terms of the afghan government and the taliban agreeing to sit down and trying to work out the way ahead which then could allow u.s. forces to reduce their presence there. >> sandra: jennifer griffin on the pentagon. >> ed: and the internet by the way he sharply divided over the spiral video. the video shows a man punching the back of a woman's recline deceit on a plane. who was in the wrong? i think sandra has already picked who is in the wrong. >> sandra: we may have a debate when you know one talking about. plus kfc and crocs teaming up for a surprising shoe collaboration. and i think you need a pair.
8:43 am
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8:48 am
my guess is that everybody here hates her recliner unless you are the height of michael bloomberg, unless there's plenty of legroom. but you are not supposed to be punching the seat. you are supposed to be working harder. certain things in life are supposed to socks so they inspire you to work harder and do better. >> sandra: the way plane tickets work, he could have paid more for his seat. >> i fly assistant coach. it's the worst thing in the world, you fly coach but you have to swallow your carry-on. >> sandra: doesn't she have the right to recline? speak out this whole argument that people are saying online, but his seat doesn't recline and hers does, that's ridiculous. the idea that we should be entitled to what other people have come by that logic i should be able allowed to go into coach
8:49 am
and punch a guy in first class. >> sandra: ed and i had this discussion briefly, we just flew together. you always observe what's happening behind you before you drop your seat and maybe it's not the perfect scenario, maybe it's a tight plane and the person needs a little more at legroom. be courteous. by the way, it is up on the screen now. what is it, this is like fast food -- what's happening? kfc shoes? >> yes. kfc is partnering with crocs to make a fried chicken themed issue. let's be very clear, fashion is all about sending a message and if you buy the shoe is the message you are sending is, i'm going to die alone. this is ridiculous. listen, i don't want to come down on kfc because i'm going there with my wife after this for dinner, it's valentine's day, i treat her right. these shoes are the biggest disappointment of the week and i say that as someone who covered
8:50 am
joe biden in the primaries. this is terrible. >> sandra: what if they are just plain crocs, our crocs cool? >> ed: i want to make a confession. at an earlier point in my life, i not only work crocs but put charms on them. this is hard to admit. i had charms on my crocs. who cares. >> ed henry, you know we are on the air right now, right? i'd rather you punch the back of my seat rest. >> sandra: what if you are trying to push her seat back on the plane while wearing the fried chicken crocs? we got to get out of here. eddie, please take it away. >> ed: some people don't even wear shoes, in any event. all right, fears giving way to tears. this is a tough story leaving a family and community in morning. in south carolina, police find the body of a missing 6-year-old we are on that story, coming up.
8:51 am
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>> a tragic end to the search for a little girl in south carolina, her body was found yesterday near the remains of an unidentified man. police are now investigating the child's death as a homicide. gillian turner gillian turner has the latest details from washington. >> a terrible story, after a three-day long search involving hundreds of law enforcement officials from florida. four different agencies involving the fb. the entire community in case he south carolina is now grieving, listen to what they said yesterday. >> it is with extremely heavy hearts that we are announcing we have found the body that the coroner has identified as faye
8:56 am
marie swetlik. we are now treating this case as homicide. >> they also found the body of a deceased male, they have not publicly confirmed the connection between the two. yesterday morning, authorities announced that they were going to keep on this case, one of the keys is getting more and more photos and videos. >> ed: gillian turner, thank you, we will be right back. it's time for the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>> sandra: i've been waiting for this, i've been waiting for this. we have ten seconds left. >> ed: i have to get my coworker -- i love sandra smith. >> sandra: i love it, happy valentine's day, see you monday. to be when we begin with a fox news alert, the white house says president trump is not bothered order tired after his attorney general criticized the president for tweeting about the sentencing of roger stone. attorney general bill barr says the president has never pressured him but he also expressed frustration with the president's comments on the case on twitter. >> i think it's time to talk the tweeting about department of justice criminal cases, to have public statements and tweets made about the department, about people in the department,


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